Wednesday, August 31, 2022

New Gallery work................

 I have taken three brand new paintings to the Southampton Arts Centre, that I'm very pleased with!  

Here's a fun piece on a farm.   (That setting seems to be of interest for me lately!).   I love the bright field in the distance, contrasted with the dark tractor sitting in its parking spot beside the barn.  It was actually fun painting the tractor!  I had to look at Google photos to make sure I had the details right for this 1940's machine.  The title "At Rest" could mean an afternoon nap, or a more permanent one.  

"At Rest"
16 x 20

And here's another farm!  I love the way my eye travels along the road, and down to the distant farm in the valley.  It's important to me to show distance in a painting.  Did you notice another tractor? I'm sure you can even tell the make of it.   "The End of the Road" could mean the literal end, or maybe the sense of finding one's place of total contentment.  A happy place.  

"The End of the Road"
30 x 24

Now for something different:  "Beach Walk".  The wave was a new challenge.  (There aren't many waves in a farm scene!)  The photo reference was taken on a lovely walk along Lake Huron this summer, and seeing it brings back good memories.  And we can all relate to a time when we walked along a beach, perhaps wading in a little ways in our bare feet, and picking up pretty stones.  

"Beach Walk"
15 x 15

These paintings now hang in the Southampton Arts Centre.  If you haven't been there yet, I recommend it for all art enthusiasts!  Here's the link: 

Friday, August 19, 2022

"After the Rain"....

 A painting I completed early this summer came from a rural landscape I admired for years in a previous neighbourhood.  I have done two other paintings of the same farm scene.  I love the strong shadow of the driving shed on the large red barn.  The greens look bright and clean, the way the world looks right after a rain when the sun breaks through.  This piece is actually three feet wide, and is hanging at the Southampton Gallery.  Did you notice the farmer checking the barn?

"After the Rain"
12 x 36

Sunday, May 1, 2022

To Celebrate Spring!

 This painting was done in the dead of winter!  I was dreaming of the days of laundry blowing in the breezes.  Now they're here!  The photo reference for this was taken on Manitoulin Island last summer, with some additions to it: for instance, the barn, and the Hudson's Bay blanket!  This painting is now on display at the Southampton Arts Centre.

"Hang On!"
20 x 28

Saturday, February 26, 2022

A Virtual Art Show for the Saugeen Artists Guild!

 The L. E. Shore Library's Gallery is now hosting a show called "Colour Frees the Soul", highlighting several of the artists from the Saugeen Artists Guild, of which I am a proud member!  It's awesome that they are showing it virtually as well, with bios from each artist.  You will also see jewelry and pottery exhibited. Of course, you could go to the library to see the works, which is far better.  Here is the information:  (And by the way, that's my painting in the photo!)

Click here on "Colour Frees the Soul" for the link to the virtual tour, and scroll down.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Two new house portraits have been delivered.

 These were painted for the winners of auction certificates.   One of the auctions was for Mission Zimbabwe, which is the organization that supports foster children, among other projects.  We have had a foster child in Zimbabwe for many years now.   The second one was for The Deck Drop-In, which is part of YFC Youth Unlimited.  It is an honour to support both of these worthwhile ventures in this way.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Paintings that are in their new homes!

 Before Christmas arrived, I completed three fun commissioned paintings that I would love to share here, now that they have been delivered!  I have noticed that many folks enjoy a bit of whimsy in the work they choose, which I am glad to incorporate.  The first two are done in that style, which comes easily to me.  The third is an animal portrait, which is so different!  That kind of painting needs to be accurate, because we all know how a cat (or a dog or a cow) is supposed to look.  If a nose is out of place, we instantly recognize that something isn't right, and we can end up focusing on that detail.  Animal faces are a lot of fun to do though.  After I have the drawing done in chalk on a dark background, I like to do the eyes first.  They are so important!  And then it feels like they follow me as I paint the rest of the face.  

20 x 28

"Taking the Scenic Route"
30 x 40

12 x 12

Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Saugeen Artists are back in business..........

 A Christmas gallery and gift shop is ready for customers to come and enjoy the work of 22 artists from the Saugeen Artists Guild, based in Hanover, Ontario.  The art includes paintings, jewelry, pottery, and metalwork, as well as lots and lots of handmade notecards.  Several of my own paintings are there, and you might be able to spot them in the last photo.  If you live nearby, come and visit!  Hours and address are below.   Please note four sponsors who are supporting us.