Saturday, January 8, 2022

Paintings that are in their new homes!

 Before Christmas arrived, I completed three fun commissioned paintings that I would love to share here, now that they have been delivered!  I have noticed that many folks enjoy a bit of whimsy in the work they choose, which I am glad to incorporate.  The first two are done in that style, which comes easily to me.  The third is an animal portrait, which is so different!  That kind of painting needs to be accurate, because we all know how a cat (or a dog or a cow) is supposed to look.  If a nose is out of place, we instantly recognize that something isn't right, and we can end up focusing on that detail.  Animal faces are a lot of fun to do though.  After I have the drawing done in chalk on a dark background, I like to do the eyes first.  They are so important!  And then it feels like they follow me as I paint the rest of the face.  

20 x 28

"Taking the Scenic Route"
30 x 40

12 x 12

Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Saugeen Artists are back in business..........

 A Christmas gallery and gift shop is ready for customers to come and enjoy the work of 22 artists from the Saugeen Artists Guild, based in Hanover, Ontario.  The art includes paintings, jewelry, pottery, and metalwork, as well as lots and lots of handmade notecards.  Several of my own paintings are there, and you might be able to spot them in the last photo.  If you live nearby, come and visit!  Hours and address are below.   Please note four sponsors who are supporting us.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

 If you live within an hour or so of Blyth, Ontario, you would enjoy an afternoon there visiting the Wild Goose Studio Canada, a lovely gallery and gift shop run by Hans Veenvliet and Cindy McKenna.  It's right across from the well known Blyth Theatre.  I am honoured to have some work hanging there for the month of October.  Fellow artist Silvana Virdiramo has work there as well.  I highly recommend this beautiful gallery! Here is what you might expect to see:


Sunday, September 12, 2021

"Reflections of the Saugeen Artists Guild"

The very first show at the Minto Arts Gallery in Harriston for 18 months features my art group!    "Reflections of the Saugeen Artists Guild" is on display for the month of September in the lovely gallery attached to the Harriston Library. You will see glass art, jewelry, and paintings in many different styles.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Art is Alive and Well!

 During the last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of my friend and art teacher Cheryl O Art's painting membership, called Painters Creative.   What fun to be part of a large group of painters online!  We get monthly videos to keep, weekly challenges, and regular interaction with others and their latest work.  

During that time I have come up with a few new paintings that are now at the Southampton Arts Centre.  Several pieces of mine are also hanging in a new gallery in Cargill, called the Mill Pond Gallery.  It will be worth your while to see that lovely venue before it closes in September.

In spite of Covid and its restrictions, the world of art and artists is still alive and well!  Check out the invitations on the right.

Here are the newest pieces from my easel: 

This piece will be in the prestigious show called "Paint Ontario" which opens September 3.  This is the first time I have entered this show, and I was so encouraged that this painting was accepted!  

"Blossom View"
24 x 36

"Cool Breezes"
16 x 20

"Oh the Places You'll Go!"
16 x 20


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Winter Memories!

 As I write, it's snowing outside!  So it seemed appropriate to post one of my new paintings completed this past winter, called "Sideroad Sunrise".  I don't mind looking back at those days when the fields were covered with a thick white blanket, because I know that spring really is here now!  This scene is one of a farm I have seen for years when I drive into Neustadt.  It appeals to me because of the view looking up to a hill with overlapping buildings and silos and lots of fences meandering around the property.  I may be inspired to do another painting of this scene based on a new season with more green than white.  Happy spring!

"Sideroad Sunrise"
24 x 24

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Feathered Friends

 Two fun bird collages came to life in my studio this winter, a commission that came about through the Saugeen Artists Guild online store.  Check out this opportunity to purchase paintings, jewelry and other handmade items online from several artists at  

These two feathered friends have been delivered to their new home where they join a lovely painting in a similar style.  When I painted these, I deliberately left a lot of original white canvas spaces and added coloured bands of bright warm colours that matched the client's original painting.  Normally I start with a very dark underpainting and add many layers that get brighter and brighter until I add the final highlights.  This was a fun challenge for me!

Moonrise Chicadee
12 X 16

Sunrise Woodpecker
12 x 16