Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grand Opening for the Saugeen Artists Store today!

We are all excited about the GRAND opening of the store today!  There will be drinks and treats, and lots of activity due to the Christmas parade happening as well.  Hopefully we will be able to enjoy the music of a guitarist at times during the day.  We have been so encouraged by the response of the town, saying that this is something Hanover needs.  

We have included a fun and helpful element-- a Featured Artist of the Day.  This artist donates a small prize for someone who contributes to the Food Bank Box in the store, provided by the Salvation Army.  If you live near Hanover, you might as well try for the daily prize!

Here are some photos of the store, all set up for business:

The window display is my job.  The theme will change each week.

Inside the front door is a sampling of the wall art in the store.

There is sculpture, pottery, jewellery, stained glass, mosaics, photography,
and some unique items, all handmade by our group members.

This is my own display.

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Dave Giles said...

Good luck with the opening!