Monday, February 20, 2012

Did we have winter this year?

I did actually enjoy several glorious days this winter that inspired snow paintings!  But eventually I pulled out some older winter photos that motivated the first two.  The first is of the row of mailboxes at our corner, as they looked about 5 years ago.  I had already done a watercolour from a different perspective, and thought this view was enchanting too.  It almost looks like the mailboxes are chatting together, passing along the neighbourhood gossip.  Ours is the one on the far right, which I recently painted dark green over top of the daisies that adorned it previously.  Time had not been kind to them, nor had the snow plows. 

"Neighbourhood News"
acrylic   12 X 24

The second painting was from a photo I took on an early morning walk up the road from our previous home last winter.  The bright, early morning sun made such beautiful shadows, and gave the trees haunting silhouette shapes.  The pine needle branches were white with frost.  God is such a wonderful painter!
"Pleasure Valley Morning"
acrylic    18 X 24

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Dorothy H said...

This glorious painting took my breath away. w o w
So beautiful.
Thank you for sharing !!
Dorothy H