Monday, April 30, 2012

Portrait attempts.........

watercolour, 11 X 14

When a friend at our church lost her father, I spotted a photo of him at the funeral home that I thought would make a wonderful painting.  I hope I did justice to him, since I had never met him.  It was a challenge to do his face, since there wasn't much light and shadow on it.  I abstracted the clothing and the background quite a bit, and tried out several different texture techniques. 

I would have liked to know Reg.

"Summer Sudoku"
11 X 14

I took a photo of this fellow at the beach last summer, I think at Southampton.  I was pleased with the way I captured the intensity of his manner.  I was interested in my eye movement in this painting-- my eye looks back and forth between his face and his hand, top to bottom. 

I hope to try more portraits in the future.  It's a satisfying challenge, to capture a likeness.  I only did one portrait commission once, (with the exception of Brandy the dog!), and I agonized over it.  But it was about  5 years ago.  Here it is! 

"Lucas and Olivia"


Dave Giles said...

Kathie - just great. Thanks for sharing!


Tina Concetta Revie said...

These are wonderful Kathie!