Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Packing up my paintings again.......

Today Aggie and I headed to Thornbury to gather up our work from the L. E. Shore Library gallery.  Sheila met us there to pick up her work as well.  The great news is that we all sold paintings during the month of the show.  I was very pleased to have sold 5 pieces!!  They ranged in size from 24 X 30 to 6 X 6.  It was very encouraging!  One of them was this 24 X 30 acrylic called "Whimsy Valley".

Another one was this watercolour I have always liked, called Evening Glow. (I felt sad to see it go!) 

I am feeling more confident to look for other places to have a show, whether on my own or with fellow artists.  Most places require well over a year's waiting time to get in, but the time seems to fly by.  And there's nothing like a deadline to make me actually get out the brushes and a fresh canvas.  

I'm hoping to finish my current acrylic in time to enter it into the competition for the Art Map calendar this year.  I had a winter painting in the 2011 calendar, but I think there are more and more Art Map participants who will enter for the second calendar.  There is some stiff competition around!

I also have a commission ahead of me that I'm looking forward to getting at-- a portrait!  (Shhhhh!!  I can't say much yet-- it's going to be a gift...)

My next effort will be to take several new pieces up to the Southampton Gallery for the new hanging in a week's time.  Then I will begin working towards the next event, which will be the July "Show and Sell" weekend put on by my Art Group, the Saugeen Artists Co-op. 

Never a dull moment in my studio!!

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Dave Giles said...

It sounds as if things are going really well. Congratulations on the recent sales!