Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A warm, lazy fall day....... the subject of my latest painting.  I took a photo in Southampton during a course there with Don Cavin.  He was taking us on a walk to seek out "paintable" views close to the school.  I was intrigued with the shapes and angles here, and of course the lovely bright sunshine and resulting shadows.  I would love to sit on that bench with a glass of iced tea!

This is the painting that resulted from an acylic demo in a class I taught recently. The demo was so rushed and the drawing on the canvas so inadequate that I painted over it when I got home and started again.  A careful sketch on the underpainting is so important.  I used burnt sienna for the underpainting to bring out the warmth.  I actually changed the colours of the houses, too.  

"Come and Sit With Me"
16 X 20

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