Monday, June 13, 2016

Four Months Later..............

The past few months have included a trip to my daughter's new home in Alabama, and my son's wedding!  No wonder I haven't kept up with my art activities here........  I have actually been painting during these adventures, and here are the results:

 This is a painting I did from a photo I took in Yorkville, Toronto, while I was enjoying an afternoon of gallery-hopping.  It has been purchased from the Southampton Art Gallery already, and is now residing in Calgary! 

"Yorkville Treasure"
24 X 24

Next came another Yorkville painting.  I seem to be taken with the colour red lately.............

"Red Doors"
24 X 18

This was painted from a photo I took of one of the flower arrangements after my son's wedding.  I loved the backlighting.

"Celebrate With Daisies"
12 X 24

All of these paintings have been shown at the Southampton Art Gallery.  If you are in the area, it would make a worthwhile visit for you to explore their new facilities and see some great art pieces there, including 3D work.  Click on the image at the upper right to get to their website.

1 comment:

Caraleen Allum said...

Love, love your work Kathy.
I plan to be at Cheryl's art retreat next spring, God willing. We are going to PEI for three weeks this September, so I should have lots of photo ops.

All the best to you. Keep painting!