Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thank you Cheryl!

I enjoyed a great painting class at a "cottage" near Bayfield a few weeks ago, under the teaching of my artist friend Cheryl O.  I always come away from Cheryl's classes with a few inspired but unfinished paintings!  I finished this one over a week or so ago, and haven't even given it a title yet.  (It's harder for me to name a painting than it is to paint it.........)  We started this one with an assortment of items from the kitchen, and all of us came up with a different arrangement.  The purpose was to use a Matisse style that was loose and free.  You may notice a bit of a wonkiness about it.  I didn't worry about being exact, and it was way more fun that way!  

Cheryl teaches many different art classes in her home town of London, Ontario.  I highly recommend them!  You can see her website here.  

16 X 16 

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