Saturday, April 14, 2018

Something to dream about...........

On April 14, a freezing rain warning and a new layer of snow.  Yikes!!  What a great time to post a new painting with a scene that we would all like to jump into!  This beach venue is from a photo I took some years ago at a church camp called Mishewah, which is connected to my church.  It brings back wonderful memories of swimming, sailing, games, children laughing and splashing, and adults lined up along the shore in lawn chairs carried down from the cabins beyond.  I tried to capture the feel of the hot sun and the deep shadows, and of course the towels thrown over the railings after the swimming lesson of the day.  I think everyone has just headed over to the Tuck Shop for an ice cream cone.  A scene we can only dream about today! 

Gone for Ice Cream
16 X 20

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Beautiful lillies June 2011 said...

Great painting and an even better dream! Especially this week-end.