Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Wet and Wild Paint Week

I spent the week of August 20 to 25 at a painting course given by my good friend and fellow artist Cheryl O, in London.  The title of the course, " Wet and Wild and Collage", will give you a good idea of what the week was like!  Eleven of us could be found at various times during the week squatting in the grass over a plastic tub, pouring fluid acrylic paint down the canvas, spattering water and other colours, and watching the paint mix and flow in amazing ways.  Some of the results could be called "chance", but there is certainly a huge amount of skill involved in knowing how the paint and water will mix, and run.  For instance, too much Phthalo blue can be a disaster!  And mixing complementary colours produces lovely mud.  Here are some photos of the week.  As I continue to work on the ten paintings I began that week, I will post some of the best results.  

My first attempts.
Ready to spray with water.

Cheryl is demonstrating what to do with a poured painting next, after it dries.

I'm holding two paintings (bottom left)
that I think are finished.......

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