Sunday, February 2, 2020

A Backward Look.......

Every year I wonder what I have achieved in my painting efforts, and each year I surprise myself!  This year was no exception, as I looked back at 2019 to see a whole year's work at once.  I actually completed 30 paintings, from an 8 x 8 inch nuthatch to a 20 x 40 inch farm scene!  Here is the last painting of 2019, a view of Lake Kagawong from the front of the cottage where I stayed with family last summer, on Manitoulin Island.  This painting brings back many terrific memories.  

"Lake Kagawong"
20 x 30
I also found out that I sold a total of 14 paintings throughout the year, 5 of them at the Saugeen Artists Christmas Store.  I'm encouraged to keep painting, and learn more about my craft.  My latest study has been about colour, the pigments of paint, and the skill of mixing them.  I'm using the reference book called "Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green", by Michael Wilcox.  The title alone piqued my interest.  Here are some of my trusty colour charts I've recently made, which will help me in my 2020 efforts ahead.  It's amazing how many colours can be mixed from 2 pigments plus white!

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