Thursday, July 9, 2020

A spring series...... to be finished soon

I started this spring flower series when the first crocuses bloomed, way back in early spring.  Then Covid hit....... and I started Cheryl's online course (I'll tell you more about that another time!)....... and the fourth flower in the series was postponed.   It's time I finished it-- with pansies, which I still have blooming in my garden.  The paintings are done on small 8 x 14 wooden supports.  The flowers actually "bleed" on to the frame edges.  I love the way that worked.   It looks like they're coming right off the surface.

         Stay tuned and the fourth painting will arrive soon!  


Sylvia said...

These are beautiful! Practically jumping off the canvas! Can’t wait to see the 4th one

Unknown said...

Beautiful set of flowers. I have some lovely purple/white pansies. Can't wait to see yours on canvas.
Glenna R.