Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two Tours in One!

I'm preparing now for two Studio Tours on the same weekend at my studio.  The Art Map Open StudioWeekend invites people to studios in the Art Map booklet.  This will be my third open studio weekend.  You can see the map and find other studios here:

It will be my first time on the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour, so I hope to see some new faces who are following the map in the brochure, or here on the website:    

Even the GPS co-ordinates are there! 

Everyone is welcome to come and share "art talk" and a cookie!


Janette said...

I am not sure my "art talk" would be very interesting, although I do know the primary colours! Enjoy your tour - we're at a conference that weekend.

Sharon Barfoot said...

Best of luck with the tours Kathie. Not sure we will make it to all the stops but giving it a go.