Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Painting Day with the Elmwood Starz!

The Elmwood Art Group put on a lovely day of painting last Saturday, November 8, at Grace United Church in Hanover.  I walked 18 guests through a painting of a Grey County barn.  We had a lot of laughs, spilled paint, drank coffee, and got to meet new friends.  Here are two photos of the group and their paintings.  Remember that most of them are not completed at this point!  Hopefully each one will finish their work, and go on to try some more acrylic painting.  

And here are some of the painters hard at work.

This is as far as my own barn got.  I will post the next steps as I add more to it.  Perhaps it will help some of the painters to be motivated to finish theirs!


Dave Giles said...

Kathie - looks like a lot of fun! A talented group.

Kathie Wright said...

Indeed there was talent, and most important, determination. Just imagine that some of these artists had never tried painting before!