Saturday, July 31, 2021

Art is Alive and Well!

 During the last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of my friend and art teacher Cheryl O Art's painting membership, called Painters Creative.   What fun to be part of a large group of painters online!  We get monthly videos to keep, weekly challenges, and regular interaction with others and their latest work.  

During that time I have come up with a few new paintings that are now at the Southampton Arts Centre.  Several pieces of mine are also hanging in a new gallery in Cargill, called the Mill Pond Gallery.  It will be worth your while to see that lovely venue before it closes in September.

In spite of Covid and its restrictions, the world of art and artists is still alive and well!  Check out the invitations on the right.

Here are the newest pieces from my easel: 

This piece will be in the prestigious show called "Paint Ontario" which opens September 3.  This is the first time I have entered this show, and I was so encouraged that this painting was accepted!  

"Blossom View"
24 x 36

"Cool Breezes"
16 x 20

"Oh the Places You'll Go!"
16 x 20


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