Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snowy Silhouette and Sunshine

Winter seems to be here again for a short while, so I am motivated to post two new winter watercolours. 

Twilight Trail
watercolour  11 X 15

This is the trail behind our home that the 4-wheeler takes, on its frequent rides back to the bush that give Max some exercise.  I was taken with the silhouettes in the original photo, and used only three colours to paint it.  It was a fun piece to do, joining up all the shapes to make one large, interesting one.

Blue House on the Corner
watercolour  11 X 15

It was such a lovely sunny day, and this little house near our church looked so cheerful.  Snow still blanketted the ground, but was losing its grip as it melted on the roof.  I tried to make the little house look jolly by adding a whimsical touch.

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Barbara Pearn said...

Kathie, Twilight Trail is my favourite of the two. I like the silhouette shapes and the soft look of the snow.