Friday, February 20, 2015

Commissions that get me looking for spring.......

My neighbour and friend, Deanne, asked me to do three happy flower paintings for her hall.  In the middle of winter, I was happy to comply!  These are only 10 X 10 each, but they represent a theme that she and I are particularly fond of....gardening!  I hope to continue the flower theme for a looooooong time to remind me that spring must be coming.  

Another commission that has been happily delivered this week is of a dear pet that had passed away recently.  His name is Cody-- a golden retriever-- which reminded me of my own golden, Max.  Max even sat for me in a photo shoot when I needed more detail!  (Did you ever try taking a photo of a dog profile when he knows you're doing it?)  The final painting is on a 12 X 12 canvas, which makes his face almost actual size.  His owners seemed very pleased with it, which is so gratifying for me.  It was a tricky one to do, since I have only done pet portraits in watercolour.  The hardest part was his lovely curls (which Max does not share).  

12 X 12

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Barbara Pearn said...

The highlights and shadows on your paintings is great. Love these.