Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A barn makeover........

After a November acrylic workshop I led using a photo of a local barn for our reference, I promised that I would let the participants know how I finished it.  Here is the original photo:

After working on it at home for a while, this is what I came up with: 

I had changed the roof colour and simplified the landscape, then I let it rest for a while.  I played with it once in a while in the next couple of months, but was never happy with it.  It was so boring!  Finally I got interested in adding sheep to it, and found lots of sheep photos in my references that I have always wanted to try out.  I still wasn't happy with it, until I went to a more whimsical style that I have quite enjoyed working with, and this is the final result:  It's so much more interesting!

It will be in the L. E. Shore library Gallery during the show I am doing with Aggie Stretch and Sheila Bannerman for the month of April this year, alongside some other sheep-ish pieces!

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Cheryl O said...

Wow - what an awesome transformation! I love your final painting, Kathie.