Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Me? Animal Portraits? Fun!

I have long believed that painting animals was beyond me.  Artists who do pet portraits intimidate me.  But I decided to rise to the challenge during a recent paint class I was leading.  The same process applies to animals as it does to all subjects--  reducing the image to the large shapes.  Then it becomes fun!  Every animal has a unique personality, and can express emotion.  In a painting, even moving the eyebrows, or making the mouth turn, or adding eyelashes can change the whole impression!  Here are five adorable faces ready for my Studio Tour this weekend.  Each one is 12 x 12, ready to frame. Come and see them for yourself!   

Curious Cat
12 x 12
Cautious Cow

Devoted Dog

Gentle Giraffe

Playful Pig


Lorraine Morrow said...

Love them all!

Kathie Wright said...

Would Buddy make a good portrait?? :-)